Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Music Rules: Lighthouse, "One Fine Morning"

Here's your semi-weekly dose of music, an idea stolen from a thousand other websites and blogs.

Lighthouse released "One Fine Morning" in 1971.  They were one of several groups form that era (Blood, Sweat & Tears; Tower of Power; Chicago; Sly and the Family Stone; Steely Dan) to incorporate large brass sections into modern rock and pop music.  It is as breathtaking now as it was then.

Music is played by musicians with instruments and can be recreated on stage with instruments.  If you disagree, tell someone who cares.  (I've had people, in person, make the idiotic claim that my statement is "racist" because it doesn't allow for "music" that involves sampling.  Please explain how it is "racist" to prefer Miles Davis, James Brown or Two Tone bands over stuff like Kanye West.)

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