Sunday, May 22, 2016

Abuse Unbridled: Two horses were mutilated and killed for people's entertainment

On Saturday May 21, the gambling event and fashion show for the obscenely wealthy - known as "The Preakness" - took place.  During the "race", two abused horse fell and were injured.  Instead of attempting to medically tend to the horses and save their lives, the financial decision to save money was made and the horses were killed.  No doubt they already had semen from the horses so they could breed the next generation.

I hope you enjoyed your bloodsport.  Did they also "euthanize" the jockey who broke his collarbone in the fall?

Circuses are under pressure to stop using animals for human entertainment.  Animals in circuses are subjected to abuse, to violence and mistreatment, to poor health and living conditions.  Most of the public oppose it and circus numbers are declining.  Even some in the corproate media are speaking out against animals in the circus. 

But when it comes to horses owned by the rich for gambling and entertainment, a different standard applies.  As we have seen in multiple professional sports (e.g. basketball, golf, footbal, etc.) don't dare to criticize the wealthy or you will be banned from the sports venues.  Breaking scandals is unacceptable - you can only report on repulsive behaviour and actions after they are publicly known (e.g. Donald Sterling, Tiger Woods), not while their dirty secrets are still behind closed doors.

Some circuses have switched to human-only displays and shows, and racing can do the same.  Keirin racing in Japan is popular and is a sport on which there is legal gambling.  (Keirin racing became a popular replacement for horse racing because of Japan's limited land space.)  Unlike animals, humans have the ability to say "no" and the willpower to say "yes" and push themselves to their physical limit.  There is no abuse when there is a choice.

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