Friday, April 15, 2016

Graves Robbed: Corpses of the dead are being violated by the state

A growing number of countries are trying to legalize organ theft, the same sort of organ theft that the PRC dictatorship engages in.  The only difference is that the PRC murders political prisoners to get them, other countries rape the corpses of accident victims.  Such laws disrespect the wishes of individuals and their families, and treat the dead as "property of the state" to be used for profit.  It's vile beyond belief.

I may be an ardent atheist and think religion is twaddle, but I would never disrespect the wishes of the deceased or their families nor do anything without the permission of the living or a will written by the dead.  To anyone who tries to defend legalized organ theft and rape of bodies, answer me this:

Do you oppose mormons "converting" dead jewish people?  Their corpses are not being violated physically, only "spritually", and yet many people will object to conversions because it disrespects the views of the deceased and their families.  So why don't those who object to post-death "conversions" also oppose the forced removal of organs from unwilling people?  It is a physically invasive violation of their bodies done without consent, unlike "conversions" which only happen to tombstones.
Woman fights Russian law on organ removal without consent

When Elena Sablina's daughter Alina was killed in a car crash in Moscow two years ago, she was devastated. One month later, Sablina accidentally discovered from a forensic report that six of her 19-year-old daughter's organs, including her heart and kidneys, had been removed for transplant.

"I was shocked that organs were taken from my child without my permission," Sablina told The Associated Press. Yet all of that was legal. Russian law explicitly allows doctors to take organs from deceased patients without informing their families.

"(Doctors) just came with a briefcase and took what they wanted," said Sablina, who said she would not have agreed to the donation even if asked. "Who gave them the right?" More than a dozen countries in Europe, including Russia, have a "presumed consent" donation system, where, in an attempt to boost the number of available organs, the government assumes people will be donors unless they specifically opt out. Others, like England, require people or their relatives to provide permission before anything can be taken.

This isn't medicine, it's grave robbing and sadistic violations of corpses.  Organ donation should be opt in only.

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