Thursday, April 21, 2016

Being Forcefed: Why do GMO advocates deny people the right to choose for themselves?

How, exactly, does the choice not to eat GMO in any way prevent GMO advocates from eating it?  It doesn't.  How does people not eating GMO hurt those who want to eat it?  It doesn't.  So why are GMO advocates so intent on denying the choice not to eat GMO to anyone who disagrees with them?  Why do they resort to false arguments and insinuations?

GMO advocates engage in false equivalency, equating those who don't want to eat it to "conspiracy theorists" and anti-vaxxers.  They behave like people who ate "The Stuff".

A more honest analogy is comparing anti-GMO people to vegetarians, and GMO advocates to omnivores who demand that everyone eat meat.  Would you force meat on a vegetarian?  No?  Would you forcefeed pork to a jew or muslim?  No?  Well, if you're not that rude or engaging in dishonest claims about one choice, why would you make it about another?

The issue of whether GMO is safe is irrelevant, and I am not talking about that.  This is about the freedom of individuals to choose what to eat, and GMO advocates want to deny people that choice, disparaging and attacking people for making that choice.  GMO advocates sound and act like Henry Ford: You can eat any food you like, as long as it's GMO. 

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