Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Laughed: A funny story from the other night....

I was out for an evening of drinks with a few friends in the local Couchsurfing group where I live.  They are a great group, completely accepting and respecting me as a transgender woman.  But what made me laugh was something I said shocked the cisgender women.  Then they started laughing.

We were talking about finding shoes that fit.  I wear a Euro45/US14 women's shoe, which is almost impossible to find here, and some of the ciswomen here are also fairly tall (over 170cm) and have the same problem.  We also ended up talking about heels, and they asked how I got used to walking in them.  I told them about some basic things I learnt that works well.

First thing to do is turn the pelvis so the rear points out more.  Then move the shoulders back, but don't stick out the chest.  The women nodded and agreed that was fairly normal posture.

I said that the next thing to do is walk heel to toe. Walk with the big toe (or even two toes) behind the other foot, as all women do.  The slight crossover adds a hip swing that women do naturally. 

Every one of them stood wide eyed, looking at me.  Then they started walking around and watching their own feet for the first time in their lives, never noticing that nearly every single one of them do that.  It was a hilarious moment, and we all got a laugh out of it.

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