Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Intransitive 101

What Is Intransitive?

In grammar, an intransitive verb is one that does not require or cannot take an object verb.  For example, the sentence "I exist" does not require defining my existence.  I am here.  I exist.

I am in transit.  To be in transit is to be moving from one place to another, and in the case of my own life, to be in transition from the cisgender I was assigned to the gender I am becoming.

What Is This Intransitive Blog?

This blog is a statement of facts and my view on various weighty issues, such as LGBTQIA people, human rights, social issues, environmentalism, politics, atheism and religion, and many others.  I will also sometimes delve into the frivolous and the (sometimes) less important like music, art, sports, games, computing and the like.

My policy on my own content and on comments by others is going to develop and change over time.  No one or thing comes up with a perfect policy right off the bat.  Internet companies change their "terms of service" frequently (usually, so they can misuse your personal information and profit from the content you created).  There is no reason an individual voicing opinions should be any more tied down to a policy written in the past.