Thursday, August 11, 2016

Seven Days Left: Economic discrimination

This is the fourth of seven items in seven days on left handedness.

Left Handedness and Economic Discrimination

If there is any bias against left handed people in economic terms, it's against the left handed people as a whole because of mass manufacturing and economies of scale, not against individuals.  All news and research items I have found discussing the wages and employment prospects left handed people are inconclusive.  Some say left handers make more money, some say less, some say there is no difference.  It's a wash.

Handedness is likely only a factor in employment when jobs use mass manufactured industrial machinery (e.g. industrial tools) or specifically built machines.  Industrial machinery is almost always made only for the right hand, and thus a left handed person's quality of work may suffer when using equipment made for the wrong hand.

But mass manufacturing is an economic problem.  Aside from a few industries such as musical instruments, sporting goods and firearms (who needs that?), manufacturers rarely make left specific products.

Thursday, part 5: Left Handedness and technological discrimination

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