Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cops Copped: It's becoming black and white who the criminals are

Overheard in a Baton Rouge cop shop: 
Captain: "How can we make ourselves look like victims and use it to attack and demonize BlackLivesMatter?"

Lieutentant: "How about inventing a phony 'terrorist attack' and claim black people planned to kill cops?"

Are the cops in Baton Rouge, Louisiana borrowing a page from the George Bu**sh* regime?  They claim to have foiled an alleged "threat to murder police" and arrested a group of black men but have not shown any evidence to demonstrate their claim.  Given the history or Baton Rouge police violence and their destruction and falsification of evidence, one has to wonder if this "arrest" is a fiction done to make themselves look good and pretend to be victims.  The Bu**sh** regime did this many times, playing the fears of non-existent "terrorism" and pretend they were making the US "safe" while taking away people's rights.

Meanwhile on the same day in Virginia, three black men were sitting in a car and listening to music when they were shot in a drive-by attack.  The victims were not gang members nor engaged in any crime, as proven by their livestreaming on facebook.  Thus far, Norfolk cops had put little effort into capturing the suspect(s).

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